My Philosophy

Therapeutic Massage is a powerful healing and wellness tool. When incorporated into your life and stress management repetoir on a regular basis it will help support your wellbeing.

Woman Receiving Shoulder Massage

Your First Session

I will invite you to fill out a brief health history form and we will discuss it. I use this information to tailor your massage to your specific needs. You will have an opportunity to ask me any questions and explain any conditions you would like me to address during our session.

We will then move into the massage room. A specially designed table which provides maximum comfort and support will be used for your massage. The room is always warm and the table is heated. Soft relaxing music plays and the lights are low to induce relaxation. You may choose between oil or lotion and have either one scented with Aromatherapy oils or unscented. You decide how much clothing to remove and I suggest you only undress to your comfort level. Your entire body will be covered by a sheet and blanket throughout the massage except for the small area I am massaging. Your massage will be 50 minutes long unless you schedule a longer session.

Seashell Resting on Shore

Your massage should never hurt or cause pain. Even very deep massage does not have to hurt to be effective and therapeutic. Always inform me if the pressure is too deep or you are uncomfortable in any way. I appreciate and encourage your feedback as I get to know your body and what techniques and pressure are most effective for you.

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