Benefits of Massage

Head and shoulder massage


What Can Massage Therapy Do For You?

Increase restful sleep

Increase energy

Improve circulation

Improve posture

Induce relaxation

Release tight muscles

Improve your immune system

Provide relief from chronic pain

Improve mobility and range of motion

Enhance your sense of wellbeing


Conditions That Massage Can Help Alleviate


Getting a Massage

Stress– Stress can come from our accelerated pace of life, major changes, interpersonal conflict and for a multitude of reasons. Stress related muscle tension often develops into headaches or chronic pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. Stress can also impact your ability to have a restful night of sleep. Massage interrupts the stress cycle and induces the “Relaxation Response” taking your body into a deep state of recovery and relaxation.

Repetitive Strain Injuries- Massage can reduce pain, Trigger Points, muscle tension and swelling/inflammation. It can help improve range of motion, circulation, lymphatic flow, and posture.


Back Pain- Massage reduces pain and muscle tension in strained or injured tissue. It improves circulation, increases the range of motion, flexibility, and the flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

Chronic Pain- The pain cycle is a complicated series of events that create a negative feedback loop in your body.

Sciatica-Massage can reduce pain and release tight muscles, increase circulation and range of motion, prevent recurrence.
man getting a massage facial from therapist

Headaches/Migraines-Massage can reduce pain and alleviate Trigger Points, increase circulation to tight scalp, neck and shoulder muscles, prevent recurrence.

TMJD/Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction-Massage can reduce pain and inflammation, release contracted jaw, neck and scalp muscles, reduce frequency and intensity of headaches associated with TMJD.

Fibromyalgia-Massage is one of the few therapies that can help people suffering with Fibromyalgia. Massage can reduce pain, help alleviate depression and insomnia, relax contracted muscles, relieve headaches and stress.

Woman Receiving Massage

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